Bashir Mraish Consultancy was established after extensive 14 years experience in the PR & Communications domain in the Middle East with a special knowledge in Iraq | Libya| Jordan | Pakistan and Afghanistan , the Consultancy offers a various level of services that helps our clients in Iraq | Libya| Pakistan | Afghanistan | Jordan manage their perception and brand image in a very smart and innovative way.

We promise our clients in Iraq | Libya| Pakistan | Afghanistan | Jordan nothing but the best and we always look for building new business partnerships.

We offer BOSS Services ( Back Office Support Services):

  • Project Advisory: whether you are trying to establish you business in the technical and IT domain or a product based company , we can help you walk with confident steps and avoid any possible mistakes , our experience with companies extends over the last 17 years, helping them in their internal structure, marketing strategy, branding, PR positioning.
  • PR & Communications: Media is everything nowadays , and how media perceives your brand will affect you brand position ,sales, customer satisfaction , hence we offer you the ability to enhance your communication and PR efforts by working with our professional team to create your PR road map , Media relations, content seeding strategy and more.
  • Copywriting : Our team of copywriters will help you create a well designed content that reflects you true image in Arabic, English , Kurdish hand Urdu.
  • Social Media Management Services: Our team of Social Media experts will be offering you a weekly editorial calendar with all posts to be published and a designed photo for each post , also we will be acting as your response team for any inquiry that is received, we manage Facebook / Twitter/ Instagram pages in both Arabic ,English, French and Kurdish.
  • Digital Marketing Planning & Execution: From using Google Display Network to In App Advertising , our team of AdOps has the ability to create , plan and execute well designed digital marketing plan and gain the best prices for CPC / CPM and even CPI campaigns.
  • SEO & SEM: We offer Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing services to help you enhance you websites rank and presence on search engines.
  • Design Services: We offer our clients a cluster of design services for 2D videos , animation frames, infographs , HTML banners / posters / online ads / flyers/ online newsletter
  • Training : To enhance your brand ability to expand and shine you need a professional team to handle your communications strategy, therefore we offer you the ability to take one of our training courses to make them work like professional in no time .

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About the Consultant:

  • Master’s in Public Affairs Communications (University of Paris 8)
  • Certified Business Manager (American Certification Center)

Bashir Mraish is an expert in the field of Communications with a special focus on the topic “Brand Inauguration Elements” that helps projects succeed, with more than 13 years of experience, Bashir manages more than one project across the MENA region under his company BMC.

He built his career on innovative thinking and a seamless pursuit for knowledge by obtaining certifications and trainings to expand his expertise in all business fields to include general management, operations management, marketing management, quality and process management, human resources management, finance, accounting, information technology, corporate control and international business.

Bashir focused on enhancing his ability to effectively develop successful public relations and communications strategies and since earning his Master’s in Public Affairs Communications from Paris8 University, Bashir has managed one of the most successful brands in the Levant.

Offering specialization and knowledge in IMC, Bashir has spent the past 13 years successfully representing clients from key industries i

In addition, Bashir is one of the top business mentors in the region, working with various NGO’s in Jordan and UAE on developing the business knowledge for a lot of projects and entrepreneurs.