MS Pharma PR & Communications Training


BMC conducted a 4 days workshop for MS Pharma PR & Communications team from Jordan and Algeria , the training included the following topics: Creating a Public Relations & media Officer: Topics: Definition of public relations & communications Understanding the Basics Why to plan for PR? Development and implementation of digital PR strategy What to except [...]

Dr. Abdell Fattah Kilani Elections Campaign


Dr. Abdell Fattah Kilani Elections Campaign Our Consultancy managed the election campaign for Dr, Abdul Fatah Kilani during the Parliament elections in 2016, the campaign managed to gain  huge local presence and raised the awareness about Dr. Abul Fatah message .   Services offered: Production Media Relations Online Presence Interviews and press releases issuing [...]

Violence Against Women | Iraq


Eradicating Violence Against Women Campaign | Iraq Our consultancy house created a campaign in Iraq to help eradicating violence against women and the campaign was sponsored by UN and 11 other NGOS in Iraq, this was a primary campaign for a program of empowering women in Iraq. Services offered: Branding & Logo creation Media Relations [...]

AWJ | Jordan


AWJ | Jordan Our consultancy house created a campaign in Jordan is targeted for the general public , this campaign was created to change the negative perception of Jordanian people to a more positive one. Services offered: Branding & Logo Creation in cooperation with Designer Rami  Qadomi Media Relations Online & Offline Marketing Planning Interviews [...]