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Bashir Mraish Consultancy organizes Cisco Global Talent Acceleration Program Conference

Amman – Jordan 12/01/2007: – Bashir Mraish Consultancy announced its organization of the Global Talent Acceleration Program Conference, which is being held by Cisco International Company in the Jordanian capital Amman, which includes the launch of a new program aimed at training and appointing network engineers for emerging markets. Accelerate Global Talent Fresh graduates and professionals with some prior experience with Cisco, and train them for network consulting engineer-level positions with the company.

The initial program for the Middle East region will have Cisco Learning Solutions Partners, Synergy and Fast Lane providing training in Amman for students from the GCC, Levant and North Africa. Students will receive theory and practical instruction as part of the intensive course, which will be hosted by another Cisco strategic partner, Estarta Solutions.

In this occasion Mr. Wim Elfrink, Cisco’s chief globalization officer said at the launch: “Cisco is growing rapidly in emerging countries, and we have witnessed that the demand for technical talent has undoubtedly exceeded supply, therefore the launch of the Global Talent Acceleration Program in Jordan furthers our commitment to support governments in addressing the shortfall and in turn drive economic growth by training and recruiting local workers and reducing dependency on external hiring. We will work closely with local governments to nurture talent and bridge the gap between supply and demand, as we believe local or near-shore employees are best suited to understand and address the business requirements of their native regions,”.

From his said Mr. Bashir Mraish , BMC CEO said “ we are extremely delighted and honoured to organize such an event and be part of Cisco professional network , as we believe in Cisco vision and their target goals and their reflection on the Jordanian economy”.

Sam Alkharrat, managing director for Cisco, Gulf & Pakistan, commented: “We see ourselves as a responsible and long-term partner to businesses and communities in the region, and the new initiative marks a significant step forward in Cisco’s service-delivery capability. With the availability of local skilled staff, Cisco will be able to provide its customers and partners with improved direct support. Furthermore, local network professionals will help meet regulatory targets and reduce the costs previously incurred in flying in global talent into the region.”

The launch ceremony, which was held in Amman, was attended by H.E. Basem Rousan, Jordan’s minister of information and communications technology and by David Hale, U.S. ambassador to Jordan.

Cisco and partners share vision, expertise and showcase IT solutions to business and technology decision makers, will highlight the role of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in positioning Jordan as a key player in the Digital Global Economy. Cisco executives and customers aim to showcase successful business case studies, best practices and updates on the latest in advanced technologies in the service provider, real estate, public, education and healthcare sectors

It is worth mentioning that Bashir Mraish Consultancy (BMC) recently joined the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) (MENA) to be its newest member, as the global association aims to expand and continuous growth by dealing with the best public relations companies, and providing industrial standard data necessary for them, and offers a wide range of training courses and networking opportunities for professionals in the public relations sector.



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