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ConsultingInvestmentSeptember 7, 2009

Bashir Mraish Consultancy appointed as the PR agency for South Company For Construction & Development

Amman – Jordan 09/07/2009:- Bashir Mraish Consultancy announced that it has been appointed as the PR agency for South Company for Construction and Development in Jordan, which was established in partnership with the Jordan Industrial Cities Company and Al Hussein Bin Talal University, the Ma’an Development Company in 2008, to be the main developer of the Ma’an Development Zone by providing an investment and development incubator that provides investment opportunities based on the competitive advantages owned by the region with the aim of reducing development differences between the governorates and giving equal opportunities to Jordanians.


On this occasion, Mr. Mohamed Salem Al-Turk, CEO of the South Company for Construction and Development expressed his happiness with this partnership, saying, “The South Company for Construction and Development, which extends over an area of ​​17 square kilometers in the vicinity of the city of Ma’an and within the framework of four economic axes, the industrial park and solar complexes, The residential community, the pilgrims’ oasis, and the Skills Development Center need a professional company in the field of public relations and government relations to support building its media identity and how to communicate with it, so we have chosen Bashir Mraish Consultancy as one of the leading companies in this field in Jordan.”


“The Ma’an Development Zone enjoys a distinguished strategic location close to the neighboring countries and the port of Aqaba, in addition to a modern, advanced internal and external infrastructure (road network, electricity transfer stations, purification plant…) in addition to natural resources, qualified and trained human competencies, flexibility. Large options and wide options for buying and renting developed lands and buildings at the lowest cost and payment facilities,” added Al-Turk.


For his part, Mr. Bashir Mraish, CEO of Bashir Mraish Consutlancy, said, “We are honored to be the PR agency for the South Company for Reconstruction and Development, as it is one of the most effective local companies. We will work on achieving the investment opportunities for it in addition to consolidating the image of this region as a safe and attractive destination for investors and developers, and a factor for positive change in the Ma’an Governorate by being the Ma’an Development Zone.”


“The objectives of the South Reconstruction and Development Company include putting Ma’an on the investment map of the Kingdom by providing investment opportunities in the region, providing organizational, administrative and financial incentives, preparing an industrial investment map for investment opportunities with competitive advantages enhanced by preliminary economic feasibility studies, in addition to attracting large industrial investments in various fields.” As well as industries and small investments for the people of the local community, with a realized investment of 77 million Jordanian dinars, and finally the provision of (540) permanent job opportunities, (509) of which benefited the people of the local community,” he added.


It is worth mentioning that Bashir Mraish Consultancy (BMC) recently joined the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) (MENA) to be its newest member, as the global association aims to expand and continuous growth by dealing with the best public relations companies, and providing industrial standard data necessary for them, and offers a wide range of training courses and networking opportunities for professionals in the public relations sector.





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