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BusinessMarketingJanuary 10, 2020

The first annual public relations conference concluded in Jordan amid great success

Amman-Jordan 10/12/2019: The activities of the first annual public relations conference in Jordan were concluded yesterday, Tuesday, in the Jordanian capital, Amman, organized by Osoul. for Training and Consulting, amid great success and with wide participation from Jordan, Palestine, Libya, and Qatar.


The conference, entitled “The Power of Public Relations”, was held over three days at St. Regis Amman, where participants learned about best practices, studies, and practical advice provided by public relations experts from Jordan, Denmark, and the Middle East.


The conference witnessed wide participation by managers and supervisors of public relations, communications, marketing, and sales, and those interested in the public relations sector. The participants engaged in many workshops, seminars, and discussion sessions during which they discussed the main pillars of public relations such as crisis management, corporate communications, measurement, sustainable corporate social responsibility, and digital transformation.


On this occasion, the general supervisor of the conference, Mr. Abdul Qader Al-Tali, stated that the holding of the annual conference for public relations in Jordan came after an extensive study of the impact of this important sector on any party or institution and the great role it plays in controlling the communication processes that take place between the upper, middle and lower administrative levels, as well as Creating the mental image of the institution for internal and external audiences, as he said: “We at Osoul Company seek to develop many sectors by holding conferences and training workshops for its employees, and the public relations sector is one of the most important sectors that we seek to focus on during the coming period.”

For his part, Mr. Bashir Mraish, General Manager of Bashir Mraish Media Consulting Company, the strategic partner of the conference, said that the public relations sector is one of the sectors of little interest in Jordan and the Arab world, noting that holding such conferences highlights it more, as he said: “Our participant came with this The conference and its organization to raise awareness about public relations and how clients can benefit from it, as we seek, in partnership with Osoul Training and Consulting Company, to make this conference a nucleus for the formation of an annual conference specialized in public relations over the coming years.”

The conference was sponsored by Umniah, the communications sponsor, media sponsors Roya TV, Mazaj Radio, Dahab Radio, and Jordan University Radio, and the strategic sponsor of the conference was Bashir Mreish Media Consulting Company.


It is worth noting that Osoul Company is considered one of the leading companies in the training and consulting sector, providing the best training and advisory services with a scientific methodology.