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ArticlesNovember 23, 2022

Different Project Management Types

A project in an organization is a collaboration between multiple departments in an organization to reach a defined goal, project management is the process of creating and overseeing a project through managing its resources to meet the organization’s objectives.

Project management has many different approaches and can differ depending on the project manager’s own approach, methodology, industry, or specific project. Different types of project management techniques have been developed over the years to meet the specific needs of certain industries or types of projects. In this article we will be covering four of them waterfall project management, agile project management, lean and scrum project management.

Waterfall Project Management

This project management type is very similar to traditional project management, the only difference is having to complete each task before starting on the next one. It is called waterfall because the steps are aligned and the project flows in one direction, and for that specific reason it is extremely important to pay attention to the timelines and task sequences in this type of project management. The size of the team working on the project usually grows larger throughout the project life cycle as smaller tasks are completed and larger ones begin.

Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management is a way of organizing and managing project processes that break them down into smaller cycles called sprints, or iterations. If your team uses agile project management methodologies, you’ll increase your development speed, expand collaboration, and foster the ability to better respond to market trends. Agile Project Management allows the team executing the project plan to respond to issues that arise throughout the course of the project through making necessary changes that will save resources and deliver the best outcome.

Lean Project Management

This project management approach is all about minimizing waste, both in time and resources, its main idea is to create more value for customers with less resources. Organizations that use lean project management can expect reduced lead times, decreased overall costs, Improved productivity/ efficiency, better quality, higher customer satisfaction, lower inventory and storage costs

Scrum Project Management

Scrum is a project management type that falls under the Agile project management methodology. Scrum is implemented using agile principles through small teams, short development cycles, frequent communication, and designated roles to keep the project organized and on track. Scrum can help teams overcome challenges that arise from fast-paced change and adaptation. Agile is often used for projects that anticipate frequent change or unknowns.

There are even more methodologies and other different types of project management styles than the ones listed in this article, we covered the most common ones. The project management type used depends on the preference of the project manager or the company whose project is being managed.


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