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ArticlesNovember 23, 2022

Different Types of Employee Training

Employee training is defined as a planned set of activities for communicating certain knowledge to employees, training leads to growth in the skills required for the company’s growth. There are different types and methods of training to convey the knowledge needed to the employees. This article will be covering some of the most important types and methods of training employees.

Hard & Soft Skills Training

Hard skills training is an essential section of workplace training, preparing the employees with the essential hard skills needed to perform tasks efficiently, this includes performing business analysis, managing social media, writing, design and more. Soft skills are also considered critical to an employee because they help them interact with customers and solve business problems, especially in industries that are not considered labor-intensive.

Depending on the level of experience an employee has, you may or may not need to provide training on hard skills and soft skills. soft skills make employees a valuable addition to the company culture, while hard skills allow them to work better and increase performance.

Diversity & Anti-harassment Training

When it comes to the leaders and HR personnel of a company, they must know how to make decisions that are not biased and for that specific reason, undergoing diversity training can be extremely helpful for the management of a company. Diversity training helps with behavioral and attitudinal change, the primary objective of the training is to make the workplace more inclusive by eliminating bias to increase the overall output.

Anti-harassment training is used for training employees on appropriate workplace behavior and the company’s policies, it also teaches them how to use the right tools available to report any harassments. In some cases, depending on the company size anti-harassment training is legally required to all employees in the organization.

Methods of Training

Role-playing is a well-known effective mode for soft skills and diversity training, this tactic basically puts employees in real life situations to help them observe, learn and gain the experience needed. Another effective method of training is one on one coaching where the employee is assigned a trainer that guides them step by step, this can be done internally or through outsourcing experts. Lecture sessions is a form of employee training that is widely used as it allows an instructor to train a large group, it could also include webinars where the employees can have a Q&A on the topic of the training.

There are many different types of training methods as discussed above, the best method or combination of methods depends on the nature of the organization. To keep up with the competition, companies must scale their training programs to improve the skills of their employees and ultimately increase their productivity and growth of the company.


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