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ArticlesNovember 23, 2022

Public Relations Tactics vs Marketing & Advertisement

Public relations is defined as a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. Public relations tools include sending out press releases, partnering with the media, using social media effectively, communicating with your employees, and corporate social responsibility.

Public relations professionals try to impact the public’s perception of their client’s brand, reputation, or image without paying to promote a positive conversation about them, unlike advertisers, in public relations they earn it. This goal can be reached by using different techniques like forging business connections, writing and publicizing press releases, posting and engaging on social media, arranging speaking engagements, creating strategies for crisis management, organizing special events and more.

Public Relations vs Marketing & Advertisement

The goal of public relations is to strengthen the bond between the general public and an organization, While comparable to public relations, marketing aims to meet client wants and make sure a good or service pleases them, public relations is included in the broader marketing category since PR experts may aid marketers in their efforts by building good customer relationships which can afterwards increase sales and satisfy a target market.

Advertisement is another subset of marketing that frequently overlaps with public relations, advertising communicates directly with customers to market a product and highlight its advantages over those of competitors’. Public relations involve two-way communication with clients about why the company is deserving of their loyalty and support. Both advertising and public relations, though in different ways, seek to achieve marketing goals. PR can help open up the conversation with customers to assist advertisers in their efforts to sell, allowing these two disciplines to collaborate to better serve customers and boost sales.

Different Types of Public Relations

Public relation is a multidimensional discipline that includes different tactics, each is used for a different purpose, however utilizing all or a combination of them will guarantee a successful public relations strategy. These tactics include community relations which involves enhancing an organization’s reputation within the local or regional community through engaging with the community through charity, events, local projects and more. Media relations is another tactic which involves the dealings with the press and media. Public affairs and lobbying are also a part of PR, they require developing a relationship between your organization and the government.

Other important PR tactics include corporate social involvement and crisis management, corporate social involvement is a side of PR that works to improve your public image as an ethical organization by paying workers and employees fairly, only using ethically sourced labor or materials for your products, or working to promote diversity for your business. Crisis management is an extremely important factor in public relations, is typically only needed after an issue arises that has been publicized. If something goes wrong with your brand, it can lead to indefinite or permanent damage. PR can help the company spin the story of the threat so that it becomes less threatening and can be used to mitigate or maintain the crisis.

Modern organizations need to be aware of the importance of public relations. Being a successful public relations professional requires having strong communication skills, being able to think strategically, and understanding how to manage a large and complex relationship. PR that is poorly executed could potentially do more harm than good.


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