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ArticlesFebruary 26, 2023

What Makes a Good Business Advisor?

This article will be discussing the importance of business advisory and what makes a good advisor. Running a business can be very tough sometimes due to the number of challenges it faces, hiring the right person as a consultant is an extremely important key for any business to succeed.

An advisor can offer a company and its management team counsel and advice to help the company succeed, by providing them with a chance to gain this information through his expertise without having to go through the hard work of learning it the traditional way, setting aside time for outside training, or risking making costly mistakes. Working with an advisor gives insight and can help you to better understand your goals and set realistic targets, which can help the business stay motivated and focused on their business plan. A good advisor needs a certain skillset along with his experience.

Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

When running a business, you are sometimes presented with very unique business problems. These issues should be viewed from a creative perspective because most of them lack existing data and previous research to help find a solution. After brainstorming with different departments of a company to get a fresh perspective and an integrated approach, consultants typically rely on intuition for unusual ideas and innovation for highly unique problems.

Problem solvers have the ability to deal with difficult situations that are usually unexpected and complex. What makes most advisors effective is their innate tendency to try to solve problems that others would stay away from. The key for advisors is having an analytical mind that excels at critical thinking, organizing ideas, spotting patterns, and paying attention to detail.

Communication & Negotiation Skills

A consultant must be a good communicator. Essentially, their job involves leading a team to present and coordinate. Otherwise, projects may stall or customers may leave, business plans usually fail when communication channels are interrupted or ineffective. If the management values good communication, it will improve relationships internally and externally, it will also improve the performance of the employees and ultimately lead to growth. Effective negotiation skills are also directly linked with a person’s communication skills. A good experienced negotiator knows how to say the right words at the right time. Advisors should know how to negotiate offers to make them seem attractive to everyone and yet actually give you an edge.

Sales & Marketing

A good advisor can use his background knowledge and expertise to provide the company with valuable marketing advice that may have not crossed their mind, an advisor with good marketing skills can help build successful marketing campaigns that raise awareness and increase sales.

To conclude, when looking for counsel you want an advisor who can help you form an effective strategy and avoid common mistakes in your industry. They should have strong industry knowledge and experience so you can make well-informed decisions. Their experience often allows them access to a larger professional network which is always helpful. On top of the industry knowledge and experience there are certain skills a good advisor will always have, these skills include creative thinking, problem solving, communication, negotiation, sales and marketing.


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