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Violence Against Women

BMC was awarded  “Violence Against Women Campaign”  campaign in Iraq aiming to achieve the following:

  • Raising the understanding of Iraqi men on the negative impact of VAW
  • Increasing the level of participation of men in the process of eliminating VAW in Iraq.
  • Reducing VAW and create a nationwide awareness of women’s right and will on the long run effect positively on the development of Iraq
  • With the support of the United Nations in Iraq lead by UNFPA, BMCH Iraq accomplished:
  • Support the relevant governmental body (State Ministry of Women Affairs, or Ministry of Labor and Social affairs) at central government, to lead this campaign.
  • Influence on the act negative attitude caused by power relation between male and female.
  • Educate the public about the important role women plays in the community.

Scope Of Work:

  • Branding & Logo creation
  • Media Relations
  • Marketing Planning Online & Offline
  • Interviews and press releases issuing
  • Perception management.
  • Local Survey
  • Governmental Relations
  • Video Production

Location: Baghdad – Iraq 

Year: 2010