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Media And Public Relations Workshop

Limited Seats

19/02/2023 | 21/02/2023 | 26/02/2023 | 28/02/2023 

4 Days | 4 Hours / Day 

04: 00 PM – 08:00 PM 





Workshop Topics

A 360 Approach To PR & Media

What is PR ?

Learn what is Public Relations and what can it do to your brand?

Define Your PR Goals

Outline what is your PR goals and work according to these goals.

Network for success

Learn how to network and how to attend networking events.

Meet and Great

Learn how to approach others and how to greet

Write effectively

Learn how to write for PR material.

Media relations

Learn how to deal with media and how to handle their requests.

Crisis Communication

Learn how to create your manual and handle crises issues.

Employee Communication

Learn how to create an internal communications environment

Identify The audience

Learn how to manage your interviews

Speak to the camera

Learn how to speak in front of the camera and manage your stress.

Body Language

Learn how to control your body language when doing interviews.

Handle questions

Learn how to handle questions and comments effectively during interviews.


Enhance your skills with excellent Public Relations Courses

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Previous Clients

Trainer Bashir Mraish

Bashir Mraish is a seasoned Public Relations & Communications professional with over 20 years of experience, he manages a wide range of communications and public affairs issues for public and private sector clients in many fields and he also gained considerable experience in assembling and managing alliances to meet communications and public affairs objectives. 

Beside his daily job as a PR Consultant he has been volunteering as a mentor for various NGO’s and private sectors incubators for the past 6 years in Jordan and UAE , working with various projects across all fields and segments he managed to guide a lot of entrepreneurs to the right track and to achieve success and yet get funded and acquired on the longer run of their business.

He built his career on innovative thinking and a seamless pursuit for knowledge by obtaining certifications and trainings to expand his expertise in all business fields to include general management, operations management, marketing management, quality and process management, human resources management, finance, accounting, information technology, corporate control, and international business.

His clients include Uber | NETFLIX | Umniah |  Batelco | Emaar International | Orion Holdings Overseas | Coca-Cola | LG | SAMSUNG |  Cairo Amman Bank |  The Japanese Embassy | INJAZ |  ARCAN | Amam Ventures and others. 

He built his career on innovative thinking and a continued pursuit for knowledge by obtaining certifications and trainings to expand his expertise to include general management, operations management, marketing management, quality and process management, human resources management, finance, accounting, information technology, corporate control and international business.

MBA PR & Advertising – UCAM University | Spain
MBA PR & Communications - University of Paris 8 | France
Certified Business Manager | American Certification Center

BMC Training Cycle 

Method Training
We start by teaching you the basics and core elements of each skill
Practice Approach
Following the second phase you will be able to start practicing each skill in your workplace

Role Play
During this phase we will let you live the experience and role play will be part of it
Adapt Evolve
After getting all phases done you will be able to adapt your practice as per your situation
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    Who Will Benefit From This Training?
    • Senior members and managers of an organization who need to understand the importance of public relations and the need for media skills training
    • Marketing professionals who should understand public relations and the need for healthy interaction with the media
    • Members of branding agencies who assist organisations in their branding and public relations strategies and plans
    • Human resource professionals who are also involved, to a certain extent, in branding activities of an organisation
    • Investors and stakeholders interested in understanding the importance of public relations in maintaining the prospect of an organisation by providing facts related to future business opportunities
    • Any other professional interested in knowing more about public relations and media skills
    What Are The Course Objectives?

    The main objective of this Public Relations (PR) and Communication Course is to empower professionals with: 

    • in-depth information on PR  and a detailed understanding of media skills required to maintain good media relations
    • the required awareness, information and maturity to understand the impact of media coverage on the image and brand of the organisation
    • the necessary confidence and experience to successfully coordinate and communicate with media professionals
    • the adequate skill set to undertake sensitive roles and responsibilities concerning public relations and media relations for the organisation, thus contributing to better organisational branding and growth of the organisation as well as self-growth and progression
    • the required confidence, experience, exposure and capability to manage media relations and content and information being released to the media, with an aim to protect and uphold a positive brand image for the organisation
    • the necessary skillset and ability to filter important content and make necessary changes for effective and impactful launches of press releases
    • the confidence and experience to build good working relationships with media personnel
    • the required confidence to balance being transparent and protecting the reputation of the organization
    What is media training?

    Media training involves learning and practicing the skills necessary for an individual to face the media. Within PR media training, you will learn about a distinct form of communication, answering questions from journalists, anticipating their questions, and effectively conveying your message with confidence.

    By learning the techniques of media training you are best preparing yourself for when journalists and publications are coming to your business and hearing from you directly. Perhaps you are being interviewed, or publicly speaking at an event, both of which are great opportunities for communicating your business’ mission in a meaningful way and educating your target audience on your brand.

    If you are not prepared your message may be miscommunicated and your brand may suffer as a result. Taking the time to prepare your key messages, and learning how to ensure they are communicated even when an interview becomes difficult ensures that you or your team can promote your brand.

    Why is media training important?

    Media skills training is important because speaking to journalists requires an entirely different skill set to that of talking to your colleagues and industry peers. While a journalist is a person just like you, conversations and interviews with journalists have a transactional nature. They want to find out information about you to create an interesting story, and you are trying to promote your brand.

    This is the main reason for media training, improving your ability to effectively share your brand’s message and information that will resonate with your customers and educate a wider audience about your business. By following a PR marketing course you can learn how to clearly transmit the key messages of your business in a clear and precise way, and control the direction the interview is taking. The journalist asks the questions, but you can still steer them in the direction you wish the conversation to go.

    While the skills from this public relations management course will do more than benefit your PR department, developing stronger communication skills is simply beneficial to you. You will learn to communicate in a persuasive, natural and empathetic manner which ultimately will build your confidence and add credence to your credibility.

    Organizational Benefits?

    With professionals undertaking this Public Relations (PR) and Communication Course, their organizations will benefit in the following manner:

    • Experienced and trained employees who thoroughly understand the importance of public relations and media skills.
    • Better media coverage for passage of positive information to the public
    • Better organizational branding
    • Better handling and management of media and information released in the media
    • Well-managed campaigns and media events
    • Greater customer satisfaction because of conscious public relations efforts to understand the problems of the public and address them immediately
    • Good and healthy working relationships with media professionals
    • High-quality and positive news and press releases
    • Greater investments because of positive organizational branding

    Your goals are individual.
    We believe training courses should be too.