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ArticlesOctober 24, 2022

Marketing Campaigns: Your Way to Drive Sales

Marketing campaigns have recently become an urgent and indispensable necessity for business success, as marketing campaigns target converting potential buyers into loyal customers, which helps the organization achieve its sales goals; This requires going through three basic phases; The Research phase, the Product Development phase, and the Promotion phase. Here you are a detailed overview of each.

Research Phase

To carry out a successful and effective marketing campaign, you must first conduct market research to determine if there is a demand for the product or service provided by your facility; This includes an examination of the competition to point out the differences between the products and services offered in the market and compare it with what you have to offer, allowing you to find your unique sales point to compete.

The Research stage also includes focusing your efforts on determining the demographics of your target audience; This can be done through conducting surveys for your customers to collect data on their age, gender, location, and race. Since the audience usually does not take surveys on seriously, you can offer rewards or offers to individuals who complete a survey to encourage them to fill it out.

Product Development Phase

The second stage of marketing campaigns involves designing the packaging for the new product or determining if there is a need to renew the old product packaging, in addition to deciding if it is beneficial to add a new product line or related service to expand and compete better in the market, for example; a sportswear company expands its product lines to include footwear.

Furthermore, the Product Development phase involves pricing your product in which you should keep in mind that selling at a competitive price decreases the profit margin but helps in gaining market share in the competitive market while selling at high prices reduces the sales volume, however, it will give a good impression of the quality of your product or service.

Promotion Phase

No, unfinished yet! Now you have to make the last and most vital step of all, guess what? Yes, marketing the product or service that you have made solid efforts to develop in the previous stages; This includes communicating simple and compelling messages to potential consumers through various communication channels while ensuring that it carries an attractive design and an ethical message.

Marketing campaigns are key to building brand awareness, as the company can, through advertisements, promote its name and message in a way that increases consumers’ familiarity with its logo and products and affects their purchasing habits in the long run.

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